"Art is never finished, only abandoned."

- Leonardo da Vinci

I think most artists at one time or another have all abandoned a piece of work. Creation is a relationship between the artist and their ideas. A balance between inspiration and vision. Like all relationships, sometimes you just have to step away, catch your breath and take a break. 

Art, like life, is a work in progress. Recently I revisited this painting in my X-Ray series with new motivation and maturity. What started as a simple sketch on canvas has evolved into an exercise in color, texture and mark-making. 

The series started as a way to examine emotional mark making. After finalizing several sketches and exploring some early - and amateur - oil paintings in the series I discovered what I had been looking for. It was an exhausting process.

This second piece in the series has been a labor of love. Still a work in progress, it is an extension of myself and wholly an illustration in growth and patience. In rediscovering myself I found my process. Sometimes we just have to except that everything happens in its own time, at its own pace. 

If I could be so bold as to correct Leonardo... Art is never truly abandoned, we just have to rediscover the process and with it ourselves.